I know I have choices in the industry, but your performance, and dedication to service, leads me to only one – Hydra Force Powerwashing
— John W. Paul, Owner – Vice President, T.M. Building

Excellent and professional concrete cleaning  job.

“I want to thank Hydra Force and Jennifer Beebe for the excellent & professional concrete cleaning  job they did for DL Withers Construction on the Ronstadt Transit Center. This was a municipal renovation project of a large bus terminal in central Tucson. Hydra Force’s three step cleaning process not only satisfied our client’s expectations but was done on-time and without any interruption of this busy downtown bus station’s operations. The client even requested info for possible future maintenance concrete cleaning work. I would recommend Hydra Force Powerwashing for any governmental commercial project requiring concrete cleaning.”

— Stephen Shumway, Project Superintendent

The cost was so reasonable, I’ll never try to do it myself again.

“I live on a dirt road and my porch is screened and runs the length of the house, facing the dirt road. It was frustrating trying to keep the porch clean when the dust came “sifting” through the screens continuously. A friend recommended Hydra Force Powerwashing. I made an appointment. They arrived on time and were very professional. Not only did they powerwash the porch floors but the walls, windows, screens and furniture also. Everything was spotless and the cost was reasonable. I have a regular schedule with Hydra Force now. I will never do this myself again.”

— Anna Mae Wiersma-Klassa,
Residential Customer in Catalina, Arizona


Hydra Force has always been extremely truthful in their service.

“I am a Homeowner Association Manager and I manage two large communities in Tucson and Marana. Both communities use Hydra Force Powerwashing for their individual needs.  In one community, they deep clean the community park concrete which is subject to all the natural elements as well as use by the homeowners.  Hydra Force arrives on schedule and removes all stains from the Mesquite tree pods, gum, and any other stains bringing the concrete to a refreshed new appearance.

In the other community, graffiti used to be a constant issue. Each time I contacted Hydra Force they were onsite within 24 hours. After their visit you could not even tell the graffiti was there! As reported by several jurisdictions such as the City of Tucson Department of Neighborhood Resources, the quicker the graffiti is removed from an area, the less likely it will reoccur in that same area. By removing the graffiti quickly it takes away the recognition the vandals are looking for. This prompt service from Hydra Force has reduced the amount of graffiti in the community drastically.

Hydra Force has always been extremely truthful in their service. There have been some projects a community was interested in completing and it would have been a large project for Hydra Force; however, they pointed out the pro’s and con’s to completing such a project and the community decided not to pursue it. Their honestly is highly respected by the Board of Directors of each community and therefore we consult them on projects prior to moving forward with them.

I am very pleased with Hydra Force Powerwashing’s professionalism, knowledge, honesty, promptness and reasonable prices. Thank you Hydra Force!”

–Julie Brelsford, CMCA, AACM


Professional, courteous and competent.

“We needed immediate removal of grafitti from the walls around our business. We did not want it painted over and we wanted it removed completely. I checked with the local merchants. They recommended Hydra Force Powerwashing. Hydra Force responded to our need the next day. The grafitti is completely gone. Their price was competitive and their service was courteous and friendly. I will have them back when we need to get our walkways and entryways powerwashed.”

— Glen, Hydra Force Powerwashing Customer

Reliable and Trustworthy

“My name is Joel, I manage several properties in Tucson, Phoenix, California and Colorado. We have a 25,000 Sq. Ft. building in Tucson that sat vacant for several years and had a tenant quickly move into this location. When the tenant opened for business, I looked for a powerwashing company to maintain our hardscape. Hydra Force PowerWashing was recommended. I sent them a request for a service estimate. The price was very reasonable and the quality of service has been excellent since we started working with them back in 2013. Hydra Force is reliable and trustworthy and we are looking forward to continued excellent service and this location’s hardscape looking great for many years to come!”

— Joel, Property Manager in Tucson, Phoenix, California and Colorado


“They were on time, friendly, knowledgeable and very nice.”

“The result we got was more and better than I expected. I strongly recommend this company and I very rarely do recommend any business.”

– Andres R. Customer in Tucson, Arizona

“Timely and professional all the way.”

“Hydra Force did an excellent job on my concrete patio. I have old concrete that was stained, along with nelwy poured concrete that needed to be sealed. Jennifer did a fantastic job with the cleaning and sealing. It has been over a year and it still looks GREAT! Timely and professional all the way.”

–Vicki Snell, Homeowner in Tucson, AZ

“I wanted to write to you today  and express my  THANKS  to you and your team.”

Our business relationship has now spanned  several years, and the service I have received has been exceptional!

My clients are demanding, and the work hasn’t been easy!  From power-washing the side of a multi story building on the University campus in the dead of winter,  decontaminating  a fire ravaged home,  graffiti removal on historic structures without damaging the surface,  I have  always been  able to count on you.

In the emergency business, I don’t get much warning as to when  my services are going to be needed..Scheduling isn’t  often an option.. and you have been able to meet my needs in a moment’s notice.

The other services you have provided have saved my company time and money. Power-washing  roofs, and walls before we  re-coat and paint,  hard surface stain removal, to final clean up  after a large construction project.

It’s comforting to know that your team is a part of my team!

Being a  local company,  I have “tapped”  you several times to donate your time and services to help our community.  Washing off muddy runners in the annual  “Beat Cancer Boot Camp” race in the Rillito,   UofA’s “Cat’s in the Community” and our annual “Goodwill Golf” tournament  supporting El Rio Healthcare.  Thank You!

I know I have choices in the industry, but your performance, and dedication to service, leads me to only one – Hydra Force – Powerwashing and Jennifer Beebe.  Keep up the good work! Thank You  again.”

–John W. Paul, Owner – Vice President, T.M. Building – Damage Restoration,
T.M. Building and Development, Paul-Griffin and Associates